Why Summer Internships at Marico STAMP you for life!

“I vividly remember the day Marico came to our campus for recruitment. I remember myself looking at my reflection on a mirror that was put inside the placement brochure. It said – ‘Meet your new boss.’ ”

– Kunal Bhardwaj, Group Product Head, Foods, at Marico

There are numerous such stories about the recruitment experiences of people with Marico. The above incident perfectly captures the entrepreneurial spirit that is embedded in all members of the Marico family. The company that gave us iconic products like Parachute & Saffola, is as passionate about its Members (At Marico, there are no employees – Only Members!) as it is about its products. It is no surprise that Marico is one of the dream companies for the students of top Indian B-Schools. Let’s see why!

“Think like a CEO, act like a CEO”

“Think like a CEO, act like a CEO” is the mantra for everyone at Marico! In the world of start-ups where speed and result-orientation is of paramount importance, it is refreshing to see a giant FMCG corporate encouraging this spirit. Marico sets the benchmark by perhaps being the only company with a flat structure and an open culture. Leadership for them is an action and not a position!

Reinforcing this philosophy further is Marico’s unique initiative of setting up a Young Board. The Young-Board is an ingenious initiative that aims to harness the edge and vibe that young leaders bring to the organization. It helps present a fresh view, which may not have been visible from the top. The Young Board comprises of young leaders from different functions and geographies who have grown from within and they are expected to bring fresh and different thought process. This team helps in creating a well-rounded perspective on the new opportunities that the organization should pursue to make Marico future ready.

Another phrase, which does the rounds in Marico very often, is – Look who is mentoring the boss! Most likely, it is another interesting story emerging about “Reverse Mentoring” at Marico. Through this ‘Bottoms-up’ initiative, Marico enables the CXOs to connect with the young workforce and get insights and fresh perspectives from them on a wide range of things with respect to the organization. This keeps the organization dynamic in ways and mature in style, thus creating a win-win opportunity.

An entrepreneurial spirit is bound to kick-in, in such a milieu. Decision-making at the entry level invigorates and nurtures fresh perspective and energy. All this is possible due to Marico’s unique talent value proposition – ‘To continuously challenge, enrich, and fulfill the aspirations of Mariconians so that they can maximize their true potential to MAKE A DIFFERENCE’

The same Value Proposition can also be experienced in Marico’s summer internship program. The summer internship program, rightly called STAMP – Summer Training at Marico’s Pace gets the trainees to work on projects that are fast paced and exciting. Marico ensures that everyone who becomes a part of STAMP gets a challenging, enriching and fulfilling experience, thereby getting STAMPed for life!

As stated by Apeksha Singh, Student of SPJIMR, who was a part of STAMP batch of 2015, “I was given the opportunity to work on a project directly under the supervision of the CIO of Marico and it was the most exciting aspect of the project. I imbibed an altogether different perspective and way of looking at things. Marico gave me an opportunity to work on something that is innovate and implementable. During that phase, I felt like I was already a part of the company.” Convinced of her passion, she was awarded a Pre-Placement Offer at the end of her internship.

There are many such examples of successful pilot projects getting scaled up and being implemented. All these reasons and many more make Marico an ‘Unleavable’ organization when it comes to campus placements.

Good luck!

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