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In the digital age

with INDUSTRYCredsTM certification

Built by leaders of today.
Built for leaders of tomorrow.

Applications are open till 20th Oct 2019.


1-year access to content and certification
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with INDUSTRYCredsTM certification

Built by leaders of today.
Built for leaders of tomorrow.

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A 16 week self-paced professional marketing course to create marketing leaders of tomorrow

Kraftshala’s Professional Brand Management is an online marketing course to help you grow your marketing career. It comes with the INDUSTRYCreds certification, which has become the benchmark of sales and marketing hiring.

You go through these 16 weeks of training focused on making you an expert to crack an interview and be excellent on the actual job. The program has been built by practitioners from the biggest and fastest-growing companies. You will learn from actual examples and apply them on real projects. We know your time is valuable, so we have made it to the point with no “good to know” or “filler content.”

Also, if you do well, you get a direct recommendation to a whole host of partnering companies basis your INDUSTRYCreds score.

Who is it for?

Inspired individuals who love marketing.

The course is designed for both current and aspiring B2C and B2B brand builders with a focus on succeeding in today’s digital age. The program requires time and effort and thus, please make sure you understand the time commitment from our admission counsellors before applying. Candidates with a post-graduate degree will be preferred.

How do you get in?

This is not an open program. We work very closely with our students and thus, to ensure the best results, for you and for us, we select our candidates. This is critical to ensure a batch of engaged and high-quality candidates whose backgrounds and goals and a strong fit with the course and with each other.

The process has been changed from last year and thus, please go through this:
Step 1: Apply on the website before 7th Nov with your preferred starting date (15th Nov or 25th Nov)
Step 2: Talk to an admissions counsellor to address your queries and validate your candidature
Step 3: Appear for an evaluation process to assess you on marketing acumen.

We will be rolling out the admission offers on 2 dates – 8th Nov and 13th Nov. Selected candidates will be required to complete the formalities in a week’s time, else their admission offers will stand cancelled.

“Joined this online brand management certification to update my skills and be ready for the Brand Management role that I have just taken up. I got to learn frameworks and concepts in absolute granularity and they are directly applicable to my job on a daily basis! The journey has been great and this is totally worth my time!”

Surabhi Tripathi
Assistant Brand Manager, Sunfeast Bounce

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“An online marketing course like this has long been awaited in the industry. It not only captures the nuances of brand management but also delivers it in the simplest possible manner for us to directly apply it on the job. It has created a level playing field for folks like us in the agencies.”

Ankit Kishore, Senior Manager Planning, GroupM

Industry Partners

With our marketing expertise, we have delivered successful training modules for the top recruiters! We use fundamental models of thinking to help participants internalize the concepts and then apply them with ease.

Kraftshala Network

Meet your course instructors

Neha Ahuja

Head of Marketing

Vipul Mathur

Head, Tea Innovations

Avijeet Goel

Group Product Head

Sudeep Chawla

Business Head,

Arvind Bhandari

Senior Vice President, South Asia

Gaurav Mehta

Chief Marketing Officer

Shailendra Singh

GM, Digital Transformation & Deodorant

Kunal Malhotra

Assitant Regional Manager, Zone AOA

Varun Satia


Sachin Kataria

Founder, Spherof Foods | Ex-Unilever

Bhawna Sikka

Global Marketing Manager,

Chirag Desai

Marketing Manager,

Sahil Jain

Group Head, Performance Content

Virat Mehta

Former Head – Brand Communication,

Madhurjya Banerjee

Global Brand Head, Lifebuoy

Meet your mentors through the program

Sambit Dash

Head of Marketing

Mansi Khanna

Marketing Manager(Chocolates), Ex – P&G

Divya Saxena

HRBP – Content Team

Kunal Mehta

Global Innovation & Renovation Manager

Shail Gaurav

Category Marketing Manager- Dairy

Soumita Mukherjee

Ex – Category Manager

Shanker Mohan

Associate Director,Ex – Amazon,Star

Anuri Mehta

Ex – Marketing Manager

Bhrugesh Chauhan


Divya Aggarwal

Account Manager

Rajat Sharma

Senior Brand Manager

Arjun Sood

Associate Director, Performance Marketing

Gaurav Gupta

Senior Manger HRBP

Rudra Mishra

Deputy GM Marketing

Avijit Shastri

Vice President – HR, 1mg

Ashish Agrawal

Head – Digital Marketing




2 Live Projects

Create brand communication and media campaigns to drive real KPIs


Interactions with Industry Experts

8-9 hours per week for 16 weeks

Inclusive of project work,
interactions, and video content

Course Fee

INR 65,000/ + GST

EMI Plan


What are the INDUSTRYCreds Scores?

INDUSTRYCreds™ scores are evaluation scores which are calculated on the basis of 10 parameters that reflect leadership and course-specific functional aptitude. These parameters are used by all major recruiters in their own hiring process.

This brand management certification is built in partnership with the world’s best recruiters and help them in identification & recognition of a candidate’s potential against an absolute standard.

1:1 Industry Interactions

On-demand mentorship:

  • Learn from the best one for YOU – Book the mentor who suits your profile best
  • Set your own Agenda – Discuss project, career or any other topic that interests you
  • Schedule as per convenience – Book the time slot which best works for you

8-9 Hours commitment for 16 Weeks

We know your time is valuable, so we have made professional management course to the point with no “good to know” or “filler content”. Our most successful participants typically spend about 10 hours per week total. They set aside additional time each week to:

  • Connect with other participants
  • Review what they learned with co-workers and managers
  • Apply the material to their project or daily work

Our past Krafteers (a.k.a Alumni)

Listen to them talk about their Kraftshala experience

Student Testimonials

Rahul Garg
Rahul GargHUL - INDUSTRYCreds Score: 81

Kraftshala provided me with a
logical approach to understand
the marketing activities of any
company.The assignments & the
videos helped me prepare for
finals and bag the much-coveted
HUL job.

Devesh Chincholikar
Devesh ChincholikarBCG - INDUSTRYCreds Score: 86

In Kraftshala program, I was able
to see how consumer knowledge
transforms into real-life campaigns.
This experience also aided me in
extracting the maximum out of my
internship experience at Unilever.

Swati Singh
Swati SinghNestle - INDUSTRYCreds Score: 92

Nestle PPI was unbelievable because
I had no prior knowledge on the
subject matter! My objective was
to learn as much from the videos
and assignments helped me to
perform better in my internship,
get a good score and finally an
offer from Nestle.

Uddhav Poddar
Uddhav PoddarFlipkart - INDUSTRYCreds Score: 86

The Kraftshala program is well
structured and the learning is
immense. The frameworks, concepts,
and numerous examples in-turn
prove to be of huge assistance
during interviews.


Duration: 0.5 week

You will start the professional marketing course by understanding the methodology that we follow from here on. Through this module of the brand management course, you will have an understanding of expectations from a brand manager, and how it varies across companies and industries. We hear from the experts on their journeys and their suggestions on how to navigate your careers as a brand manager.

We’ll discuss:

  • Setting some ground rules
  • A day in the life of a Brand Manager
  • Understanding the course content
  • Understanding the project expectations

Exercises: Development Growth Exercise

Duration: 1.5 week

In this module, we start by understanding how great brands are built and the role of a good communication brief in that journey.

We’ll cover the following:

  • Understanding the context of the category and brand
  • Define the relevant competitive set for your brand
  • Plot the competitive and category landscape

Cases: Nescafe, Bru, Ariel, Surf Excel, MAGGI

Project 1: Framing the competitive and cultural landscape for Healthcare Startup

Duration: 1 week

This module of the brand management certification is about learning how to frame the opportunity basis the understanding in the previous module.

We’ll cover the following:

  • Identifying the life-stage of the brand and the category
  • Plotting the Brand Opportunity Framework
  • Isolating the Opportunities and Action points for the brand
  • Tapping opportunities through the Growth Equation, Consumer Funnel

Cases: Gems, Munch, OLX, Kit Kat, MAGGI, Vodafone

Project 1: Isolating the brand opportunity for the Healthcare startup

Duration: 1 week

This is where we get talking to the consumers and understand the core of our communication brief.

We will cover segmentation and targeting in this module of the professional marketing course and it will cover the following:

  • Research Techniques – Segmentation and Usage and Attitude Study
  • Understanding Discussion Guides
  • Making consumer Understanding richer using digital tools

Exercises and Project work:: Consumer Immersions

Duration: 2 weeks

This is where things get interesting and getting to the crux of our communication.

We will cover segmentation and targeting in this module of the professional marketing course and it will cover the following:

  • Need states and consumer typologies
  • Targeting framework
  • Precision Marketing: Hyper-segmentation using Digital Tools
  • SuperConsumer Deep-dive Framework

Exercies and Project work: Identify segments and isolate your target consumer

Duration: 2 weeks

Basis the target consumer identified, we now come down to defining the parts from where the creative output will emerge.

We will discuss the following in this module of the online marketing course:

  • Identify Consumer Barriers and Triggers
  • Frame the Communication Challenge and role of insight
  • Undergo the Insight Discovery Process
  • Impact of Cultural trends on insights
  • Insight Cheat-Codes
  • Choose between Insight Directions
  • Reach from Insights to a compelling proposition

Exercises:Define communication challenge and Insight

Duration: 1 week

This is where we start getting into solutions with the proposition which will resonate with your target consumers. We discuss the following in this module:

Brand Personality

  • Good vs Great Personalities
  • Framework to craft the Personality for your brand
  • Traits that define a personality

Brand Purpose

  • What is brand purpose?
  • Importance of staying true to the purpose
  • Framework to craft a purpose for your brand

Brand Solution

  • Frame the functional and emotional benefits
  • Understand the Reason to Believe (RTB) that works for your brand
  • Formulate the key message strategy
  • Research – Concept Testing

Exercises and Project Work:Basis the brand purpose and the brand personality, isolate the brand solution

Duration: 1 week

In this module we learn the art of making a content strategy which results in consumer actions
We will cover the following

  • Keyword Research – doing it right
  • Understanding consumer intent
  • Narrowing down on topics
  • Building the content plan

Duration: 0.5 week

Here we learn another important skill needed for a brand manager which is about designing efficient branding processes that maintain brand consistency.

In this module, we cover the following:

  • Designing a brief and master visual
  • Metrics to evaluate content
  • Design thinking

Duration: 0.5 week

This is the litmus test where we bring it all together in form of a concept and get the feedback from the consumers

In this module, we cover the following:

  • Creating Concepts
  • Understanding the parameters of testing
  • Concept Testing – doing it right!

Exercises: Creating and Testing Concepts

Duration: 1 week

This module of the professional marketing course covers the intricate aspects of developing and growing a brand with ample examples of Indian brands.

In this module, we cover the following:

  • Premiumizations
  • Extensions
  • Repositioning
  • Advocacy

Examples: Eclairs, Gems, Vodafone, Dominos, Munch

Exercises: Identifying Extensions across categories and developing a strategy to premiumize your Brand

Duration: 0.5 week

This module of our professional marketing course will introduce you to the basics of the research process and cover the major researches and the principles behind each.

  • Research principles overview
  • Understanding Major Researches: Segmentation, U&A, CPT
  • Testing the Communication: Ad Evaluation, Social media, YT Pre-rolls
  • Post Launch Dipstick
  • Digital Reserach techniques

Project 2: Design the concept and creative for Govt. scheme

Duration: 1 week

This module is all about perfecting and making impact once you have a great idea in your armour. We cover the entire gamut of media from planning to executing and finally measuring performance against the KPIs that were set.

The specifics covered will be as follows:

  • Basics of media planning
  • Selection of strategies
  • Media Mix modelling
  • Building Digital only brands
  • Choosing Digital platforms
  • Running Ads on Digital
  • Budget Allocation

Project work: Submit the outreach strategy/media plan

Duration: 0.5 week

Brand Innovation is a must-win battle for most categories and brand managers. And here, we decode the process and understand the nuances in each step to pave our way to a great launch!

We will cover the following in this module of the professional marketing course:

  • Introduction to innovation principles
  • Need for innovation
  • Steps to a great launch
  • Kinds of innovation
  • Innovation tricks and tips

Duration: 0.5 week

In this module of the professional marketing course, we cover the things needed to delight the consumers with the experience. We take examples of successful Indian brands who have done this well get inspired to apply those learnings on our projects.

  • Brand as a Service
  • Tonality of brand
  • Creating Support

Duration: 1 week

In this module of the professional marketing course, we cover the nuts and bolts of brand management. These are crucial starting points which are a part of your everyday life as a brand manager. This module covers a lot of concepts & techniques and helps you master it through various use cases, examples and exercises.

We’ll cover the following:

  • Using data to decode the consumer and the brand
  • Monitoring Business Health & its importance
  • Using retail metrics to understand the purchase metrics
  • Using household metrics to understand the penetration and consumption gaps
  • Using brand equity measures to understand the brand health and make sure effectiveness of communication

We also learn how to break down business problems. We use various logic paths and create different hypotheses across consumer, the brand’s proposition, channels, media, and copies, etc. to help you break down all business problems, in the job, interview all life.

As they say, we save the best for the last!
Exercises: Practice modules

This one will be all about practice, practice and practice! We introduce you to the competencies that you need to demonstrate in a brand management interview. We work with you on building your answers for each of these, followed by mock interviews to get you all ready!