with INDUSTRYCredsTM Certification

for Undergraduates

Unlock your marketing career straight after undergrad through practical frameworks, applying them on live case studies, and personalized coaching with experienced professionals.
Basis your performance in the program measured through INDUSTRYCreds™ scores, you get access to guaranteed internships and recruitment interviews with leading recruiters.

Currently Closed
1 year exclusive access to industry mentorship & content

Who is it for?

Marketing Accelerator Program is for candidates who want to create winning brands, develop and run businesses, and design break-through innovations in today’s digital age.
We are looking for selected high potential students in top under-graduate colleges with interest in pursuing Marketing as a career. If this sounds like you, we invite you to apply.


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MAP Journey

Apply for MAP

Step 1 – Upload your resume
Step 2 – Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed to evaluate aptitude for marketing

Master Marketing Concepts

Access our unique frameworks developed in partnership with India’s most skilled marketing leaders. Master them through real examples and application on real brands.

Solve Live Case Studies

Understand every concept through immediate application on live projects and get one-on-one feedback for the same. Design and execute solutions for brands such as Tacobell and Your Print.

Get 1:1 mentorship from experienced professionals

Book 1:1 interactions with Kraftshala experts and mentors from across the industry to help you with project feedback, or to understand the diverse career options and opportunities ahead of you. Craft an action plan that works for you.

Prepare for all MBA/Marketing interviews

Get advanced training on crafting individual stories, making an impressive resume, cracking group discussions, giving compelling presentations and building a cohesive narrative for all MBA/Job Interviews.

Get Certified with INDUSTRYCredsTM Score

The INDUSTRYCreds™ score is the only metric that top sales and marketing recruiters value because it correlates with eventual job and placement performance.

 Avail Exclusive Opportunities

Get access to internships, and job interviews reserved only for Kraftshala students with our partnering companies basis your INDUSTRYCreds™ score

Enjoy flexible scheduling

Customize the programs to your pace and schedule to manage it easily with all your college activities. Enrol now and complete this 8-week program anytime over the next 3 months.


Self Paced

Flexible Program Scheduling

8-9 Hours

Weekly Time for a

8 week schedule


Interactions with Industry Experts

2 Live Projects

Run campaigns for brands to drive real KPIs

Program Fee

INR 26,000


The applications are now closed.

Currently Closed

Kraftshala Network

Get a lifetime access into the prestigious network of course architects, industry practitioners and Kraftshala alumni from the top B-Schools including all IIMs, ISB, SPJAIN, XLRI, among others.

Program Architects

Gaurav Mehta

Chief Marketing Officer

Vipul Mathur

Head, Tea Innovations

Ashish Tiwari

Head, Digital Marketing and PR

Arjun Sood

Associate Director, Performance Marketing

Aashish Chopra

VP, Content Marketing

Shailendra Singh

General Manager, Digital Transformation and PC Strategy

Divya Aggarwal

Account Manager

Avijeet Goel

Group Product Head

Eshu Sharma

Program Architect & Co-founder

Kunal Mehta

Global Innovation & Renovation Manager

Sahil Jain

Group Head, Performance Content

Sambit Dash

Head of Marketing


Pankaj Kaushal

Zonal Sales Manager

Bhrugesh Chauhan


Rajat Sharma

Senior Brand Manager

Divye Mittal

Area Sales Manager

Abhishek Magdum

Digital Marketing Strategist

Amritha Gopinath

Manager, E-commerce

Student Speak

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The applications are now closed.

Currently Closed


Week 1

Introduction to the basics of Marketing

  • What to expect from this course?
  • Lets get started
  • What is a brand?
  • How successful businesses work?
  • The Business Process: Insight to Business Strategy

Introduction to Targeting

  • Project: Your Print
  • Cases from: Cadbury, Paytm, SurfExcel, Nike, PaperBoat
  • Why do Brands Target?
  • Choosing parameters for segmentation that are critical for your brand
  • Creating consumer segments for your brand basis segmentation techniques like demographics, psychographics, need states, consumer typologies etc.

Knowing your Super Consumer

  • Project: Your Print
  • Cases from: Dating App
  • Choosing a Target Segment for your brand
  • Talking to consumers from your target segment
  • Using the SuperConsumer Deep-Dive Framework to deeply understand your SuperConsumer
  • Plotting the Current and the Desired Mindset for your SuperConsumer

Week 2

Creating Winning brand solutions

  • Cases from: Amazon, Pet Food
  • Writing the Communication Challenge that you would need to overcome for your SuperConsumer
  • What is an Insight?
  • Defining the Brand Personality
  • Framing the functional and emotional benefits with the RTBs that would best deliver your proposition
  • Big Idea: the creative rendition of your Message Strategy

Establishing a brand’s Web Presence

  • Tools: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager
  • Cases: Zomato, Flipkart
  • Creating your own website with WordPress
  • Importance of UI/UX
  • Creating your Google analytics account
  • Creating your Google Adwords account

Social Media Marketing

  • Project: Your Print
  • Cases: Oreo, KFC, Myntra
  • Understanding the Social Landscape
  • Why do people share content?
  • Organic and Paid Content
  • Creating Organic Content that drives engagement
  • Making your content ‘Viral’

Week 3

Running Paid Campaigns on Social

  • Tools: FB Business Manager, Quora Advertising
  • Project: Your Print
  • Cases: Club Mahindra
  • How to run Facebook Campaigns?
  • How do Facebook Bidding work?
  • Lowest Cost Bidding Strategy
  • Target Cost Bidding Strategy
  • Analytics using Facebook Insights and Business Manager

Using Google Display Network

  • Tools: Google Ads, Google Analytics
  • Project: Your Print
  • Cases: Dell
  • Understanding the Display Landscape
  • Different types of ads: Static, Animated, Interactive, Video, Expanding
  • Types of targeting: Website placement, Contextual Advertising, Topic Targeting and Interest Targeting
  • Creative Storytelling in Display Advertising
  • Analysing Display Campaigns

Leveraging Google Search

  • Tools: Google Keyword Planner, Google Ads, Google tag manager, HeatMaps
  • Project: Taco Bell
  • Cases: Indigo, Axis Bank
  • Working of a search engine and the search engine landscape
  • On-page SEO, Keyword Research using the Keyword planner Tool
  • Branded keywords, long tail and short tail keywords
  • Bounce Rate and pogo sticking
  • Feature Snippets

Week 4

Introduction to Off-Page SEO

  • Old Practices- Link Farming
  • Current Practices
  • Various channels used for Off-Page SEO
  • Role of Social Media in Off-Page SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • How to make a SEO Strategy

Technical SEO

  • HTML Page
  • Architecture of the page
  • XML site map and URL structure
  • Bread Crumbs and Schema
  • SEO analytics using Google tag manager and HeatMaps
  • Auditing tools- Ahref, Similar Web
  • Google search console

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

  • Pay Per Impression(PPI), Pay Per Click(PPC) and Pay Per Conversion(PPConv) models
  • Ad Hierarchy Structure- Campaign, Adgroup , Ads
  • Types of keywords- Exact match, phrase match and Broad match
  • Dynamic ads and ads Extension
  • How does Google Bidding work?

Week 5

Running Campaigns on Google Ads

  • Google Adwords strategizing and execution
  • Types of Targeting- Geography, Time, Demographics, Device , Interest/Affinity
  • Types of Ad extensions- site link extension, location extension, call extension, message extension etc.
  • Types of Ad rotation
  • Types of Bidding strategies- maximise clicks, maximise conversions, ROAS, CPA, manual bidding
  • How to calculate conversion value?

Content or Inbound Marketing

  • Tools: Quora, Linkedin Advertising, Hootsuite, Youtube Advertising
  • Project: Taco Bell
  • Cases: Asian Paints, One Plus
  • Content Mapping based on Customer Journey
  • Core Mission and objectives in the consumer’s life
  • Where does content marketing lie in your overall marketing strategy?
  • Understand your Target Audience- Deepdive
  • What types of content do you want to create?
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Content Management: Channel specific goals, Frequency, Workflow etc.

Content Creation

  • Generating Ideas: trends, RSS streams, Brainstorming and Mindmaps, Identifying thought leaders, Monitor social media streams
  • Personalization of Content
  • What is Hygiene, Hub and Hero?
  • Benefits of visually oriented Content
  • How video is treated in different ways across various platform
  • Whatsapp Shareable content
  • Role of GIFs in today’s scenario

Week 6

Distributing Content

  • What is owned, earned and paid media?
  • Optimizing comments
  • Requesting External Links
  • Email Marketing
  • Pitfalls in content faced by marketers

Introduction to E-mail

  • Tools: Mailchimp
  • Project: Taco Bell
  • Cases: Asian Paints, One Plus
  • Explanation of Lifecycle marketing
  • Creation of emailing lists and segmentation
  • Designing E-mails
  • Understanding factors affecting deliverability of E-mail

Running Email Campaigns

  • Nurturing your Leads
  • Analysis of the E-mail data
  • Optimizing and Testing E-mail
  • Running Campaings on Mail Chimp

Week 7

Email Analysis and Retargeting

  • Analysis of google analytics and sales information
  • Audience Lists and Remarketing Lists
  • Strategizing custom communication
  • Creating Lookalikes and Custom Audiences
  • Retargeting campaigns on GDN and Facebook


  • Cases: Uber, One Plus
  • Which channels you should focus on for your brand?
  • Phone, E-mail, social media, ticketing system, chatbot and real time chat
  • Case studies and best practices from different industries- Uber, HSBC, Nestle, H&M, Facebook and Google
  • Metrics to measure support and advocacy
  • Tools to be used for Customer Support

Integrated Media Planning

  • Project: Your Print
  • Cases: Axis Bank
  • Types of attribution models
  • Choosing the combination of channels critical for the Brand
  • Researching Industry average for parameters like CPC, CPA, Conversion rate, Click through rate
  • Segregate budget for different channel
  • Post analysis and realignment

Week 8

Leadership Development Growth Plan

  • Understanding Leadership Competencies- Success Keys
  • Crowdsourcing data about you from seniors, juniors and colleagues
  • Understanding your Self Awareness Scale
  • Plotting your Strengths and Improvement areas
  • Plotting the Discovery and the Dangerous territory

Creating your Leadership Stories

  • Visualising the interviewer’s perspective
  • Self Awareness Techniques
  • Personal storytelling framework
  • Storytelling nuances
  • Creating and reviewing your personal leadership stories
  • CV building based on the leadership story to be portrayed

Final Evaluations

  • Behavioral as well Functional Competencies Evaluated
  • Detailed feedback on your candidature
  • Creating an action plan basis your career goals