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About the App

Join the industry’s very own learning platform with the Kraftshala Mobile Application. It would be a one-stop destination for all your sales and marketing preparation.

After downloading the app, you can do the following:

1. Read Targeted Content - One of the most commonly asked questions we get from our community is that "What articles can I read to be updated, what marketing and sales blogs can we follow, what articles can we read to prep for interviews, where will we discover good content that we can use to crack case competitions, etc".

We have set aside those pieces of content and in our infinite creativity we have called it the 'Unleavable Blog', because for your objectives, these articles cannot be left out at any cost. Neat right?

The Unleavables feature, available exclusively on the newly created Kraftshala app, will help you discover the highest-quality marketing, sales and placement prep content available on the internet, as recommended by our community of marketers and sales folks. There will be articles, videos, webinars, podcasts and more- both from Kraftshala and elsewhere.

2. Free Mentorships with Industry Experts - Get the right advice and guidance from Industry experts to be able to make better decisions about - Career planning, case study competitions, CV prep and much more.

3. Unlock The Ultimate CV Program for free - The country's first CV program built in partnership with the world's leading recruiter, Nestle, to bring to you insights and examples straight from the recruiters! It opens up crucial opportunities for all of our careers, the first filtering stage of a job application and the platform for our first ever conversation with our future boss.

You will get direct enrollment into the program. Oh yes, it's free! There's no catch.

What more you can expect:
In essence, the Kraftshala App will become your one-stop destination for all career-related content consumption. What's more, it will leverage machine learning to tailor content to your specific needs. The more you interact with the app, the better it will understand your preferences, and the more useful it will be.

Get updates on upcoming sessions, projects, and job opportunities. Book one on one mentorship with industry professionals across various domains. Gain access to our exclusively built CV program, pursue online certification programs and much more.

To join the vast community of Kraftshala Network, download the mobile application NOW. Available for Android and iOS.