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INDUSTRYCredsTM, scores are evaluation scores which calculated on the basis of 10 parameters that reflect leadership and program specific functional aptitude.
These parameters are used by all major recruiters in their own hiring process.
This certification is built in partnership with world’s best recruiters and help in identification & recognition of student potential against an absolute standard.

Why you should hire
INDUSTRYCredsTM certified professionals

Identify high potential talent

Interview candidates trained & evaluated on functional as well as behavioral competencies rather than reducing them to a piece of paper or a few interactions.

Reduce risks in hiring

Reduced risk of non-performance due to extensive on-the-job evaluation through the extensive course structure

Save costs & efforts in hiring

Gain access to a pool of candidates on a single click instead of roaming around campuses or paying heavy amounts to consultants

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Why you should get
IINDUSTRYCredsTM certified

Set yourself apart

Invest in yourself and your career by mastering application-oriented skills for driving real impact.

Keep yourself updated by participating in various events/webinars hosted for INDUSTRYCredsTM certified professionals

Get exclusive job opportunities

Gain access to the multiple opportunities opened by our recruitment partners based on your INDUSTRYCredsTM score

Add the certification to your resume and LinkedIn profile for increasing your chances of being shortlisted from the best recruiters

Join a community

Be a part of a highly selective network of professionals, transforming the way the world does business.

Get help on your problems by asking the Kraftshala community which will be like an extension of your teams – we’re here to together bring about some tangible change!

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Student Testimonials

Rahul Garg
Rahul GargHUL - INDUSTRYCreds Score: 81

Kraftshala provided me with a
logical approach to understand
the marketing activities of any
company.The assignments & the
videos helped me prepare for
finals and bag the much-coveted
HUL job.

Devesh Chincholikar
Devesh ChincholikarBCG - INDUSTRYCreds Score: 86

In Kraftshala program, I was able
to see how consumer knowledge
transforms into real-life campaigns.
This experience also aided me in
extracting the maximum out of my
internship experience at Unilever.

Swati Singh
Swati SinghNestle - INDUSTRYCreds Score: 92

Nestle PPI was unbelievable because
I had no prior knowledge on the
subject matter! My objective was
to learn as much from the videos
and assignments helped me to
perform better in my internship,
get a good score and finally an
offer from Nestle.

Uddhav Poddar
Uddhav PoddarFlipkart - INDUSTRYCreds Score: 86

The Kraftshala program is well
structured and the learning is
immense. The frameworks, concepts,
and numerous examples in-turn
prove to be of huge assistance
during interviews.

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Students’ Achievements

Chinmay Pandey
Chinmay PandeyJBIMS

INDUSTRYCredsTM Score: 88
Winner - Mahindra Warroom
Campus Round Winner

Shreya Chhabra
Shreya ChhabraIIFT

Placed @ Godrej
INDUSTRYCredsTM Score: 85

Zehan Arif
Zehan ArifSPJIMR

Placed @ ITC
INDUSTRYCredsTM Score: 84

Parnabho Kundu
Parnabho KunduIIM Kozhikode

Placed @ HUL
INDUSTRYCredsTM Score: 87

Nihal Reddy
Nihal ReddyFMS

Placed @Deliotte USI
INDUSTRYCredsTM Score: 83

Kumar Samir
Kumar SamirSPJIMR

PPO @ Procter & Gamble
INDUSTRYCredsTM Score: 92

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