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Fundamentals of search marketing

It’s been 22 years since Google launched their search platform. The world today looks radically different than it did back then, and yet advertising on Google Search remains one of the most critical growth channels for most brands.

In this session Eshu Sharma, co-founder at Kraftshala, will help you:

  • Identify keywords that your brand should run ads upon
  • Learn about the best ways of setting up the pay per click campaign structure
  • Figure optimisation strategies to get the best out of your campaigns

Topic: Fundamentals of search marketing
Date: 29th September
Time: 7 PM

#QuarantineLearnings #WontStopLearning

Note The session on FMCG innovation is cancelled and next session is scheduled for coming Tuesday on Creative Evaluation in 2020

The Webinar will start in

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