1. What isEmerging Leaders Program in Marketing?

Kraftshala has been working with the best students from across the top business schools. For the first time, we are opening our doors for a small batch of high potential under graduate students.

This program will identify and train students for that one skill which is required in all careers – marketing. You will learn the art of decoding business problems, devising strategies, and reaching out to consumers in an impactful yet efficient way through various digital tools and techniques. The selected students also get advanced training on the art of telling stories to present the best version of yourselves in placement interviews & MBA admissions. 100 high-potential candidates will thus be certified as emerging leaders in marketing for opportunities to work with the world’s best recruiters.

2. Is this program only for people who want to get into marketing?

Yes, this program gives you a differentiated edge in the field of sales and marketing – through exclusive placement opportunities, for admissions into Business Schools, setting up your own ventures or simply exploring your interests in Marketing careers. You learn marketing concepts, tools and techniques to reach out to consumers, apply those learnings on live projects and get mentorship from top business leaders.

3. Why should I learn Marketing?

If you are serious in your pursuit of becoming a business manager, or a consultant or a sales and marketing manager or an entrepreneur, then Marketing is something you cantignore. Marketing in itself is changing drastically in today’s digital age and recruiters are increasingly demanding these skills from the new recruits.

4. How will the Emerging Leaders Program in Marketing help me in my career?

It’s a first-of-its-kind program open only to the final and pre-final year students of select colleges to help you gain a definitive edge in sales and marketing careers.

The program helps you crack outstanding placement opportunities, through powerful, industry relevant content, vibrant discussions with peers and a rigorous evaluation process. INDUSTRYCredsTM are created and designed in partnership with the leading sales and marketing companies of India. You also get access to an advanced training on personal branding & Storytelling for CV, Group Discussions, Presentation Skills and Interview Preparation.

As soon as you start the program, you can interact and network with India’s top business leaders to receive support throughout the program and counselling for the diverse career options and opportunities ahead of you.

The evaluation process at the end of the program ensures you have complete clarity on where you stand and how you can improve.

5. There arelots of free courses available online as well on digital marketing. Why should I take this program?

This program focuses on teaching you basic marketing concepts and application of those concepts in today’s digital age using channels like Social, SEO, SEM, Content, Email etc.This is in stark contrast to the free courses where you are learning a single channel in silos.

The learning in this program is complimented with running campaigns on brands in live projects thus giving you actual hands-on learning of not just the tools, but the strategizing, the execution and the post analysis part as well.

Apart from thatbranded live projects, mentorship from top business leaders, exclusive job opportunities and CV/GD/Interview preparation are a part of the Kraftshala experience which give you credentials that is actually valued by the recruiters.

6. How do you build the curriculum for the Integrated Digital Marketing program?

Our curriculum managers partner with hiring managers and subject matter experts from leading companies to figure the skills to be demonstrated in the placement process. The programs are designed to build these skills through conceptual understanding of marketing and brand building.

7. Is there any certification granted at the end of this program?

Yes, based on your performance, an INDUSTRYCredsTM certification and score would be issued along with your key strengths and improvement areas highlighted.

8.What are INDUSTRTYCreds scores?

INDUSTRYCredsTM scores are evaluation scores earned at the end of the program. These are calculated on the basis of 10 SuccessKeys, which are parameters that reflect leadership and program specific functional aptitude that are used by major recruiters in their own hiring process.

9.How do earning INDUSTRYCreds credentials help me?

These credentials are useful to benchmark yourself against absolute standard, while also demonstrating your marketing potential to our industry partners, many of whom are leading recruiters at top business schools. If you do well your name gets forwarded to our partnering recruiters as a high potential talent.

10. How have Kraftshala programs benefitted previous students?

Kraftshala students are known to be placed in top recruiters like BCG, HUL, Nestle, ITC, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Marico etc. Apart from this, numerous students have won competitions like HUL Lime, ITC Interrobang, Nestle 4Ps, Mahindra War Room, Coca cola and Airtel Case Study challenges among others.

11. Who would be the interviewers taking the final evaluation interviews?

The final evaluation interviews would be taken by an expert interviewer panel. This team comprises of industry professionals shortlisted and trained to maintain a consistent and enriching interview experience that conforms to industry standards.

12.I already have a very hectic schedule. How would I manage this program’s work load?

The program schedule allows students to learn and practice at their own pace, and is adjusted to each campus’s specific schedule. The program consists of 11 hours of self-paced video content. The schedule will be adjusted to major campus events such as exams and fests.

13.How would I resolve my doubts in the program?

Discussion forums will be used to quell doubts and reach an in-depth understanding of each and every concept. In addition to that you can always reach out to your program managers to schedule a doubt resolution call.

14.Can I get a refund after I have paid the fee?

No, this is a non-refundable program.