Get a Business Perspective to Sales & Marketing

  • Consumer Lifetime Value and Consumer Acquisiton Cost
  • The Business Process: from ‘Insight’ to ‘Business Strategy’ to ‘Product
    Innovation/Rennovation’ to ‘Communication Strategy’ to ‘Media and Actiivation’ to ‘Customer Support’


  • Why do Brands Target?
  • Understanding why should your brand target
  • Choosing parameters for segmentation that are critical for your brand
  • Creating consumer segments for your brand basis segmentation techniques like
    demographics, psychographics, need states, consumer typologies etc.
  • Choosing a Target Segment for your brand
  • Talking to consumers from your target segment and using the SuperConsumer Deep-Dive Framework to deeply understand your SuperConsumer

Isolating the Communication Challenge

  • Identifying your SuperConsumer’s Barriers and Triggers basis the SuperConsumer Deep-Dive
  • Plotting the Current and the Desired Mindset for your SuperConsumer
  • Writing the Communication Challenge that you would need to overcome for your

Crafting Powerful Insights

  • What is an Insight?
  • Undergoing the Insight Discovery Process for your Brand


  • Understanding the Social Landscape
  • Why do people share content?
  • Organic Content
  • Viral content
  • Paid Content
  • How to run Facebook Campaigns?
  • Analytics using Facebook Insights and Business Manager


Establishing a Web Presence

  • Creating your own website with wordpress
  • Project- make a blog and share the link with us
  • Importance of UI/UX
  • Project- design or research project
  • Creating your Google analytics account
  • integration with website
  • Project- create your account and share snapshots
  • Create your Google adwords account
  • Integrate with website
  • Project- Create your account and share
  • Create your Facebook Page
  • Intergrate with website-pixels
  • Projects- Creat your page to promote your blog
  • share the same with us


  • Working of a search engine and the search engine landscape
  • Role of search in Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to SEO and SEM

On-page SEO: Keyword

  • Keyword Research Process and Using the Keyword Planner Tool
  • The advent of Voice search
  • Keyword mapping
  • Branded keywords, long tail and short tail keywords
  • Bounce Rate and pogo sticking


  • Hub and Spoke Model
  • User generated content
  • Feature Snippet


  • Keywords research and mapping- perform it for the blog you have created/ Buddy Brnad