In this edition of Kraftshala Live, we have Sambit Dash, ex-Head of Marketing at Taco Bell. He has been in Brand Management for more than 9 years and has led the marketing for brands such as Nestle Ice tea, Nescafe, Taco Bell and now Mama Earth. Here, he talks about the importance of consistency in brand logo for brand building and communication.

Consistent use of unique brand identifiers is important to increase brand salience and aid subconscious recognition.

At the same time, inconsistency in the usage of these brand elements can create confusion and that can be an obstacle to brand recognition and salience.

Think of Pepsi using the red colour or Coke using the blue colour in its brand logo. Doesn’t look right?

Now, let’s get to a Marketing 101 question - What is a Brand?

It is a type of product manufactured by a particular company under the particular trademark or trade name and identified through its unique name, symbol or visual.

However, this definition looks right from the manufacturer’s point of view as it does not include what the consumer thinks of the brand which is very important to account in today’s day and age.

Here’s what Jeff Bezos says about the brand: “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room.” It’s almost like a personality. Right? Building from that – A brand is a compilation of the consumer perception.

Consider, Apple, it is not just about an iPhone or a Macbook, it is about the ease of use that this device provides because of design. It is about simplicity.

Similarly, Harley Davidson is about the wind in your hair, about the long road in front of you and in that sense it is about freedom.

Airbnb is not just a marketplace, it is about authentic local experiences and similarly Nike is about a belief that each of us can be an athlete and each of us can achieve if we ‘Just Do It.’

All this information is captured in the brand logo since it is the foundation of your brand identity, which makes a strong first impression, separates you from the competition and fosters brand loyalty.

But why does a company build brands?

A brand is a compilation of consumer perception that allows an organization to price a product at a markup.

Now, this consumer perception is built by a coherent brand story and experience and it is the marketer’s role to ensure that.

Good brands build these coherent stories on a regular basis and across all touchpoints. Hence, consistency in the use of unique brand identifiers such as brand logo font type, colour, typography etc. are essential. Even the best brands fail if they stray from a coherent brand story.

However, brands need to be flexible to innovate with the brand logo if it helps in storytelling. A great example is Google. Through the innovative doodles Google is able to add personality to the brand.

In this video we have tried to decode the strategic importance of the brand logo and we also look at how the winning marketers of today use this information to build memorable brand stories.