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with INDUSTRYCredsTM Certification
and Live Projects

for B-school Students

Gain practical, hands-on experience by crafting live brand communication campaigns for 3M, cracking case studies, and receiving one-on-one coaching from experienced brand managers. Win direct Pre Placement Interviews and shortlists from the world’s top recruiters based on your INDUSTRYCreds™ certification score.

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Program Benefits

Get hands on exposure through live projects

Learn by designing an extensive brand communication plan for 3M’s Command brand, featuring everything from competitive landscaping, insighting, benefits, big idea etc. Get a chance to run a pilot test to establish a ROI positive activation for the brand in UG & PG colleges.

  Master Practical Brand Building Frameworks from Industry Leaders

The Kraftshala programs are co-created with India’s most skilled sales leaders, with frameworks and tips to help you quickly master application of concepts that you can use in your case study competitions and placement preparation.

Stay on track with 1:1 mentorship

Book 1:1 interactions with Kraftshala experts and mentors from across the industry to help you with project feedback, guidance and support. Craft an action plan that works for you.

Prepare for placement interviews

Get interview specific support in crafting your individual stories and appear for an extensive interview with an industry recruiter that maps closely to the final placement process.

Earn credentials that matter

The INDUSTRYCreds™ Certification score is the only metric that top sales and marketing recruiters value because it correlates strongly to eventual job and placement performance. It’s also the only certification through which you can earn direct PPIs from leading recruiters like Nestlé.

 Enjoy flexible scheduling

B-school curriculums are hectic. Which is why all our programs can be customised to your pace and schedule.

Student Speak

Priyanka Unnithan
Priyanka UnnithanIIM Lucknow

IndustryCredTM -83
Placed @ BCG
Content was refreshing and highly contextual! The live project involved piecing together all that was learnt, making it really engaging. The concepts and frameworks have been useful throughout other marketing courses and case competitions.

Chinmay Panday
Chinmay PandayJBIMS

IndustryCredTM -88
National Runners-Up, Mahindra War Room
The frameworks guided us in structuring the solution. Also the case review session with an industry mentor made sure that we were on right track .

Ayshu Varsha
Ayshu VarshaSIBM Pune

INDUSTRYCredsTM Score -78
Placed @ Reckitt Benckiser
National Winner, RB Global Challenge
Kraftshala’s mentorship program helped me gather the branding perspective for our solution with the Brand Marketing Manager of a Pharma Company.This helped us prepare for the RB Global Challenge 2018 in the best possible way and the results have shown.

Akshay Vashistha
Akshay VashisthaXLRI

INDUSTRYCredsTM Score- 81
PPO @ Coca Cola
Kraftshala’s program helped me develop a deep understanding of the process of branding, while also facilitating the application of concepts to a live situation. This proved to be of immense help while doing positioning and concept development under my internship project.

Puskar Sharma
Puskar SharmaIIM Bangalore

IndustryCredTM -86
PPO @ Asian Paints
Placed @ Nestlé
Brand Building connected my theoretical knowledge to industrial practicality. The well-structured program amplified my knowledge over the MBA marketing courses helping me to crack Asian Paints PPO and Nestle PPI.

Sahil Khanna
Sahil KhannaIIM Kozhikode

IndustryCredTM -81
Placed @ PWC
Kraftshala broadened my knowledge base about marketing concepts and deepened my understanding which eventually helped me during my finals as well as working through case competitions.

Ajinkya Choudekar
Ajinkya ChoudekarJBIMS

IndustryCredTM -85
PPO @ Mahindra & Mahindra
National Runners-Up, Mahindra War RoomThe course content is just half the story, their actual value addition starts after the course. They allot industry professionals as mentors to help with anything and everything. And so I consider Kraftshala as my true mentor.

Tanya Maurya
Tanya MauryaIIM Kozhikode

IndustryCredTM -76
PPO @ Nestlé
The program helped me master marketing skills through live projects, concepts and interactions with experts. The mentors were surely the air beneath my wings in my first professional flight, helping me clinch PPO at Nestle.

Shruti Soni
Shruti SoniMDI Gurgaon

IndustryCredTM -73
PPO @ Coca Cola
The Brand Building Program was quite useful in understanding how concepts are applied in real life marketing. This helped me a lot in successfully completing my project, which eventually resulted in me securing a PPO.

Rahul Das
Rahul DasIIM Calcutta

IndustryCredTM -83
Placed @ BCG
The video and course material were immensely helpful in understanding marketing concepts even before my internship began. This helped me perform well in my internship and I ended up with a PPO.

The applications for May batch are now open.

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India’s most powerful brand stories taught by people who created them.

Nikhil Chand

Senior Vice President, South Asia
Chocolates & Confectionery

Arvind Bhandari

Senior Vice President, South Asia
Dairy Business

Madhurjya Banerjee

Global Brand Head

Varun Satia

Program Architect

Neha Ahuja

VP Marketing

Chirag Desai

Marketing Manager

Virat Mehta

Former Head of Brand Communication

Bhawna Sikka

Global Marketing Manager,

Sachin Kataria

Global Marketing Manager, Foods

Divya Aggarwal

Account Manager,


6 Weeks

Program Duration

5-6 Hours

Weekly Time Commitment


Interactions with Industry Experts

Live Project

Design Brand Communication Strategy for 3M’s new launch

Program Fee

INR 18,000



Introduction To Brand Building

  • Introduction to Brand Building philosophy
  • Understanding the Program and Project expectations
  • See a Bird’s-Eye View of the Marketing Process
  • The Strategic Communication Brief

Plotting the Competitive Landscape

  • Define the relevant competitive set for your brand
  • Plot the competitive and category landscape
  • Understand and articulate the Cultural Landscape

Research Techniques

  • Research Principles overview
  • Understanding Major Researches- U&A/ Segmentation. CPT etc.
  • Monitoring business health: RMS, HHP, Brand Equity Measures

Identifying the Brand opportunity

  • Plotting the Brand Opportunity Framework
  • Opportunities and Action points for brands across various positions
  • Tapping opportunities through the Growth Equation, Consumer Funnel

Isolate the Communication Challenge

  • Identify Consumer Barriers and Triggers
  • Frame the Communication Challenge and role of insight

SuperConsumer Deep-dive

  • Understand why brands target
  • Need states and consumer typologies
  • Best Practices for Targeting
  • SuperConsumer Deep-dive Framework

Craft Powerful Insights

  • Undergo the Insight Discovery Process
  • Insight Cheat-Codes
  • Choose between Insight Directions
  • Reach from Insights to a compelling proposition

Brand Solution

  • Define the brand personality
  • Frame the functional and emotional benefits
  • Understand the Reason to Believe (RTB) that works for your brand
  • Formulate the key message strategy

Additional Resources

  • Microsoft Excel Support
  • Storytelling through Presentations
  • Cracking interviews – the most effective methods

Digital Marketing

  • Why should you ‘know’ Digital and where to start?
  • Purchase and UI/UX
  • Data Trends and re-targeting
  • Understanding Search: SEO and PPC

Creating Brand Innovation

  • Introduction to innovation principles
  • Creating powerful concepts
  • CPT, Concept Evaluation and Product Integration