Crack your Sales Summers’ PPO and access exclusive PPIs from the world’s top recruiters.

5 weeks · Rs 12,000/- + GST

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Program Benefits

Crack your Summers’ PPO

Wow your summer internship company with your in-depth understanding of how sales functions and land the job.

Master distribution setups through experts

Learn from stories of leading industry experts in FMCG, Ecommerce, Telecom, and Durables.

Get project exposure

Work on real life distribution and leadership projects from Kellogg's and Flipkart.

Craft your personalized action plan

Get evaluated on metrics used by major recruiters and receive detailed feedback on your performance. Benchmark yourself against the best in the country.

Enjoy Super-Flexible Scheduling

Got exams/ fests/ other campus activities coming up? Choose your own pace in this awesomely flexible program!

Interact one-on-one with industry managers

Pick their brains on industry happenings, career options and the best way to prepare.

Join an Exclusive Community

Our alumni have cracked Unilever, Amazon, P&G, McKinsey, BCG, ABG, TAS, Coke, Nestle, and whatnot! Join the community to learn and work with the best minds of the country!

Top Sales Experts teach using real life case stories

Adarsh K Menon
Vice President & Head,
Sudeep Chawla
Business Head
Puru Gupta
Co-Founder & CEO
Varun Satia
Sachin Kataria
Global Marketing Manager,
U Shankar Rao

Who is it for?

This program is crafted for B-School students aspiring for a career in Sales Leadership.

Program Vitals


5 weeks

3-4 hours/week

of time commitment

4 Exclusive PPIs

from Nestle

Kellogg's Project

to Apply what you learn

1 on 1 Interaction

with an industry expert

Program Fee



Student Speak


  • Understanding the Program and Project expectations
  • Get a Business Perspective to Sales & Marketing
  • The Sales Process Simplified
  • The Sales Organization
  • The Distributor Organization
  • The Retailer Organization
  • Classification of Retailers based on Target Consumer, Format, Physical Location, Type of Product Sold etc.
  • Understanding the DNA of different Channels
  • Enablers to the Sales Team: GTM team, Trade Marketing, BTL team etc.
  • What is a Shopping Mission?
  • How do companies strategize to win in different Shopping Missions?
  • The role of a Territory Sales Officer
  • Dynamics between the salesman, TSO, Distributor and the Retailer
  • Problems in the Market: Differentiating Symptoms from Diseases
  • The role of an Area Sales Manager
  • Key Metrics used by the Sales Organization: Sales, Coverage, Bill Productivity, LPPC, Sales Returns etc.
  • Key Metrics used by the Distributor Organization: Return on Investment (ROI) Calculation
  • Key Metrics used by the Retailer Organization: Margin Calculation
  • How to manage large teams right after B-school?
  • How to keep your team excited?
  • Personal Experiences: Motivating your team, field force and distributors
  • Team Management Best Practices
  • What are the competencies that put you in the lead for a successful career in E-commerce?
  • How is the E-commerce sector different from FMCG?
  • What is the team structure in E-commerce?
  • Understanding the different distribution models that exist in E-commerce
  • Deep-diving into the Inventory Management for different categories
  • How are targets set?
  • How is Top Line driven?
  • Understanding Selection
  • How is Bottom Line driven?
  • Delivering a perfect shopping experience online
  • Understanding the barriers in E-commerce Penetration
  • Demystifying the Big Billion Day
  • Analyzing Private Labels
  • Understanding the different Business Lines in Telecom and their corresponding customers
  • The Distribution setup in Telecom
  • Differentiation in Telecom: Spectrum Auctions & Innovation
  • Organizational Structure in Telecom
  • Metrics Tracked in Telecom
  • Sales force Incentivisation
  • Understanding the Key Challenges in Rural India for Telecom
  • Legal and Regulatory practices in the Telecom Sector
  • The Impact of Jio on India’s Telecom Ecosystem
  • How is working in Telecom different from working in other sectors? How can you succeed in Telecom?
  • What are the Competencies required in Telecom Sales?
  • Visualising the interviewer's perspective
  • Self Awareness Techniques
  • Personal storytelling framework
  • Storytelling nuances
  • Formulating a personalised Action Plan
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IndustryCreds in Sales Leadership is a unique online educational offering designed to equip you with the skills you need, to land the job you want, so you can build the life you deserve.

The program helps you crack outstanding placements and stand out in any sales stint, through powerful, industry relevant content, vibrant discussions with peers and a rigorous evaluation process. IndustryCreds in Sales Leadership is created and designed in partnership with the leading sales and marketing companies of India.

As soon as you start the program, you join other students from across the top campuses of the country in working towards the same credential. You interact with your fellow students, as well as members of the Kraftshala Coach team, in an online community to receive support throughout the program.

The evaluation process at the end of the program ensures you have complete clarity on where you stand and how you can improve.

IndustryCreds in Sales Leadership has been designed with some of the industry’s leading marketers to help you grasp relevant sales leadership frameworks. In Sales Leadership the focus is on the practical aspects of sales in the context of people dynamics - with strategies and frameworks developed with some of the best sales leaders in the industry today.
IndustryCreds in Sales Leadership has been designed to help you master sales concepts in the context of the actual market realities. Keeping that in mind, in this edition of the program you would be working on ensuring the effective distribution of Kellogg's brands, and creating a category entry strategy as well as a vendor acquisition plan as an E-commerce category manager.
Alongside working on the set industry project, students also work on applying the concepts to a brand of their own choosing. This buddy project helps them get a working understanding of the sector they would be interning in. Obviously the program too first substantiates functional basics which are true irrespective of the sector they are applied to. Historically the programs have helped students interning with firms like GSK, Citibank, HSBC and the likes to crack PPOs as well.
Our curriculum managers partner with hiring managers and subject matter experts from leading companies to figure the skills to be demonstrated in the placement process. The program is designed to build these skills through conceptual understanding of real world Sales & Distribution nuances.
Yes, based on your performance, an IndustryCreds Sales Leadership certificate and score would be issued along with your key strengths and improvement areas highlighted.
IndustryCreds scores are evaluation scores earned at the end of the program. These are calculated on the basis of 10 SuccessKeys, which are parameters that reflect leadership and S&M aptitude that are used by major recruiters in their own hiring process.
These credentials are useful to benchmark yourself against absolute standard, while also demonstrating your Sales Leadership potential to our industry partners, many of whom are leading recruiters at top business schools. If you do well your name gets forwarded to our partnering recruiters as a high potential talent.
From the students who took the program last year, 61% cracked PPOs/ PPIs from firms like BCG, HUL, ITC, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Marico etc. while 3 top students got Nestle PPIs for their performance. Apart from this, numerous students have won competitions like HUL Lime, ITC Interrobang, Nestle 4Ps, Mahindra War Room, Coca cola and Airtel Case Study challenges among others.
You should opt for the program that aligns with your interest. In case you are indifferent between the two functions, you should take up brand building as it covers a wider breadth of topics which would be helpful in Sales roles as well.
The final evaluation interviews would be taken by an expert interviewer panel. This team comprises of industry professionals shortlisted and trained to maintain a consistent and enriching interview experience that conforms to industry standards.
The programs’ schedule allows you to learn and practice at your own pace, and is adjusted to each campus's specific schedule. The programs consists of self-paced video content. The schedule will be adjusted to major campus events such as exams and fests.
Discussion forums will be used to quell doubts and reach an in-depth understanding of each and every concept.
Yes, you can enrol for the both the programs at a special price of INR 16,000 + GST. A specific schedule would be run for you to ensure you complete both the programs before you internship. The programs would run one after another.
Yes, you can switch between the two programs within 15 days of enrolment in either of the programs.
No, this is a non-refundable program.

Be the Marketing and Sales Leader of tomorrow

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