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with INDUSTRYCredsTM Certification

Gain practical, hands-on experience by crafting live brand communication campaigns for Taco Bell, cracking case studies, and receiving one-on-one coaching from experienced brand managers. Win direct Pre Placement Interviews and shortlists from the world’s top recruiters based on your INDUSTRYCreds™ certification score.

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Program Benefits

Win PPIs from top recuiters

Access exclusive PPIs reserved for Kraftshala students from top recruiters such as Nestlé.

Crack yours Summer PPO

Give yourself the best shot of converting your internship into an offer through the most intensive prep possible! In 2017, our students cracked PPOs from HUL, P&G, BCG, Amazon, Citi, Nestle, Samsung, ITC, Coke, Pepsico, GSK, Godrej and many others!

Be recognized as the top marketing talent of your campus

Benchmark yourself against the best in the country and get recognized through the industry’s most valuable marketing credentials.

Work on Live Projects

Get cracking on a live project from Taco Bell that puts into action the brand communication concepts WHILE you are learning them!

Enjoy Flexible Scheduling

Got exams/ fests/ campus activities coming up? Choose your own pace in this awesomely flexible online program!

Get personalised feedback & mentorship

Leverage the personalised feeedback and mentorship to craft an action plan that maximizes your unique strengths!

Access Proprietary Frameworks

Competing in a case study competition? Prepping for finals? Hack your way into success through Kraftshala’s unique frameworks!

Student Speak

Sahil Bhatla
Sahil BhatlaIIM Kozhikode, Winner, HUL Lime
It is a delight for any budding marketer.. theory is beautifully blended with pertinent real world examples. Project ensures that the things you’ve learnt are cemented in your mind, helping you stay confident in S&M interviews.
Anima Nivsarkar
Anima NivsarkarIIFT Delhi, Winner ITC Interrobang
Brand Building helped me not only during my summer internship but also during competitions. I am sure that I will revise it to ace my final placements as well.
Shruti Soni
Shruti SoniMDI, Placed @ Coca Cola
Brand Building program used real-life examples that helped me understand how concepts are actually applied in marketing. This has helped me a lot in securing the Coca-Cola PPO.
Kumar Samir
Kumar SamirSP Jain, Placed @ P&G
A big differentiator! Working on a live project with the industry, interacting with industry veterans and peer interaction has brought a huge change in the way I approach marketing now.
Swati Pandey
Swati PandeyIIM Lucknow, Placed @ PayTM
Topping the course and getting the Nestle PPI has definitely been one of the highlights of my MBA life! The use of Indian brands to help us understand the context, as well as the concept, was another standout.
Parnabho Kundu
Parnabho KunduIIM Lucknow, Placed @ HUL
A unique experience which gave me the first-hand exposure of how marketing is actually done in real world. The concepts and frameworks helped me with competitions as well.
Varun Srinivas
Varun SrinivasIIM Kozhikode, Placed @ ITC
Amazing learning! Frameworks like Consumer Engagement Funnel, Competitive Landscape and Brand opportunities helped me in deriving concepts from on-ground surveys and research.
Swathi Singh
Swathi SinghIIM Kozhikode, Placed @ Nestle
The Brand Building program really helped me in my internship at HUL because I already knew various skills like how to build a questionnaire, how should I go and talk to consumers; it set a perfect platform.
Urjaswit Lal
Urjaswit Lal IIM Calcutta, Placed @ Mondelez
Great content! Thoroughly enjoyed the program. Kept me wishing for more.
Vishwanath S
Vishwanath SIIM Indore, Placed @ HSBC
Great program! Hope it continues year after year. Added value above and beyond classroom learning.

India’s most powerful brand stories taught by people who created them.

Nikhil Chand

Senior Vice President, South Asia
Chocolates & Confectionery

Arvind Bhandari

Senior Vice President, South Asia
Dairy Business

Madhurjya Banerjee

Global Brand Head

Varun Satia

Program Architect

Neha Ahuja

VP Marketing

Chirag Desai

Marketing Manager

Virat Mehta

Former Head of Brand Communication

Bhawna Sikka

Global Marketing Manager,

Sachin Kataria

Global Marketing Manager, Foods

Divya Aggarwal

Account Manager,


5 Weeks

Program Duration

6-7 Hours

Weekly Time Commitment


Interactions with Industry Experts

Live Project

Design Brand Communication Strategy for Taco Bell’s new launch

Program Fee

INR 16,000



Intoduction To Brand Building

  • Introduction to Brand Building philosophy
  • Understanding the Program and Project expectations
  • See a Bird’s-Eye View of the Marketing Process
  • The Strategic Communication Brief

Plotting the Competitive Landscape

  • Define the relevant competitive set for your brand
  • Plot the competitive and category landscape
  • Understand and articulate the Cultural Landscape

Research Techniques

  • Research Principles overview
  • Understanding Major Researches- U&A/ Segmentation. CPT etc.
  • Monitoring business health: RMS, HHP, Brand Equity Measures

Identifying the Brand opportunity

  • Plotting the Brand Opportunity Framework
  • Opportunities and Action points for brands across various positions
  • Tapping opportunities through the Growth Equation, Consumer Funnel

Isolate the Communication Challenge

  • Identify Consumer Barriers and Triggers
  • Frame the Communication Challenge and role of insight

SuperConsumer Deep-dive

  • Understand why brands target
  • Need states and consumer typologies
  • Best Practices for Targeting
  • SuperConsumer Deep-dive Framework

Craft Powerful Insights

  • Undergo the Insight Discovery Process
  • Insight Cheat-Codes
  • Choose between Insight Directions
  • Reach from Insights to a compelling proposition

Brand Solution

  • Define the brand personality
  • Frame the functional and emotional benefits
  • Understand the Reason to Believe (RTB) that works for your brand
  • Formulate the key message strategy

Digital Marketing

  • Why should you ‘know’ Digital and where to start?
  • Purchase and UI/UX
  • Data Trends and re-targeting
  • Understanding Search: SEO and PPC

Creating Brand Innovation

  • Introduction to innovation principles
  • Creating powerful concepts
  • CPT, Concept Evaluation and Product Integration

Additional Resources

  • Microsoft Excel Support
  • Storytelling through Presentations
  • Cracking interviews – the most effective methods